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eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom'

input 6th November 2011, 05:33 PM When I type eject in a terminal I get this error:eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom' But in Gnome it works fine. How can I solve this problem. Thanks

# eject /dev/sr0

input 7th November 2011, 11:57 AM What you have is a missing symbolic link "cdrom->sr0" in /dev. Thanks for the reply. But how can I make a symbolic link. Thanks

"man ln" A better reference is provided by "info ln".

The reference documentation will tell you about it. The short form is to use a root login command line and the sequence:

cd /dev
ln -s sr0 cdrom

The first command puts the working directory in /dev, the second creates the symbolic link.

This must be done as root as only root can create files in /dev

input 7th November 2011, 02:31 PM Thank you for explaning this. It works :) ---------- Post added at 02:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:01 PM ---------- I still have the same problem with a reboot. The message is: eject: tried to use `/media/cdrom' as device name but it is no block device eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom

jpollard 7th November 2011, 03:11 PM Are you using Fedora 15 or 16? If so, report it as a bug. (F15 has /dev being a memory resident filesystem managed by udev.

And that makes the simple solutions impossible. Somewhere there is a directive missing from the udev configuration to have this recreated on each boot. ..

“eject” command not working

~$ eject -v

eject: using default device `cdrom' eject: device name is `cdrom' eject: expanded name is `/media/cdrom' eject: `/media/cdrom' is a link to `/media/cdrom0' eject: `/media/cdrom0' is not mounted eject: `/media/cdrom0' is not a mount point eject: tried to use `/media/cdrom0' as device name but it is no block device eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom'

The tray doesnt open.. How do I open tray using command line? I am using Ubuntu 9.10 64bit and I have no dvd inserted in the DVDROM...


Depending on your device and how it is set up one of those commands should work:

eject /dev/cdrom
eject /dev/cdrw
eject /dev/dvd
eject /dev/dvdrom
eject /dev/dvdrw

If none of these work then look for the correct device in the list generated by this command:

ls -l /dev | grep '\->'

You can also specify the raw device:

eject /dev/sda
eject /dev/hdd
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SoundConfiguration - Debian Wiki

.. 'adduser USER_NAME audio' to allow a specific user to write to the /dev/dsp, /dev/mixer and /dev/audio devices and thus output sound from the soundcard ..

.. To switch between ALSA and OSS, you should run:

* dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base

(see /usr/share/doc/linux-sound-base/README.Debian)
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Linux Documentation Search all of the Linux documentation available on this site:
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Openbox-Message: "Failed to open the display from the DISPLAY environment variable"

cd /usr/bin/

exec xinit openbox

exec xinit awesome
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alsa | maurizio siagri

Configurare l’audio in ubuntu server 13.04 settembre 1, 2013 maurizio siagri

pulseaudio | maurizio siagri

asound | maurizio siagri

Informazioni schede audio in linux ubuntu debian | maurizio siagri
agosto 8, 2013

.. aplay -l

aplay: device_list:221: no soundcard found...

.. II file principale di configurazione si trova in : /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

nel file di configurazione  la scheda di default  è impostata a 0  (la prima individuata )

cat  /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf

... defaults.ctl.card 0  defaults.pcm.card 0   default.pcm.device   0

Per visualizzare le informazioni sul sistema e sull ‘installazione di alsa è displonibile questo utile scritp accessibile anche dalla pagina Help To Debug – AlsaProject.


chmod +x


Di seguito la parte inziale dell’articolato e completo output  generato dallo script

.. Servers audio installati

Per controllare il/i servers audio ( Audio in Linux: Oss, ALSA, pulseaudio ubuntu linux )  installati si può usare per pulseaudio ( Pulseaudio ubuntu ) un comando del tipo :

dpkg -l pulseaudio | grep ii

ii pulseaudio 1:4.0-0ubuntu6 amd64 PulseAudio sound server

per alsa

dpkg -l alsa | grep ii

Server audio attivo

Verificare quale server audio è attivo con:

ps aux | grep [p]ulseaudio


ps aus | grep [a]lsa

Altri Comandi

Per evidenziare specifici dettagli quando è sono noto il modulo legato alla scheda possono essere:

cat /proc/interrupts | grep intel


dmesg | grep -i intel | grep -i hda


[SOLVED] Two snd_hda_intel – how to get rid of one? Problemi: Se si ottiene No sound/ Dummy Output Only  riavviare il server alsa conf

sudo alsa force-reload


sudo depmod -a

Categorie:Uncategorized Tag:alsa, alsa-info, asound, cards, periferiche audio, proc/asound, pulseaudio, schede audio linux
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11.04 - How do I get my blacked out ttys back? - Ask Ubuntu

Original Question:

After I replaced my Ubuntu 10.10 with 11.04 all I get when I Ctrl+Alt+F1–F6 into a tty is a black screen.

Also when I boot there's a while of black screen after grub2 menu is displayed. Then until just before gnome starts it stays black.

I have an Nvida Geforce Quadro FX 770M on my HP EliteBook 8530w. How do I get my ttys (aka 'virtual terminals') to work again?
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FTE Text Editor

runit-quickstart Getting started with the runit - a UNIX init scheme with service supervision

chpst(8) manual page -

Администрирование Использование runit для своих сервисов
runit - collection of run scripts
Администрирование  Web-интерфейс для runit
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к посту ---

Awesome Window Manager 3.x

Awesome 3.x - awesome

Awesome 3.x

This is the man page of awesome version 3.4.1. It can also be used for a large part with previous versions 3.x, because there are not much differences ; for example, the commands Mod4 + w (Open main menu) in version 3.3 and Mod4 + n (Minimize client) in 3.4 version have been added. Nevertheless, you may read their specific man pages if it is necessary.

1.1 NAME
1.5.1 Navigation
1.5.2 Layout modification
1.6.1 Window manager control
1.6.2 Clients
1.6.3 Navigation
1.6.4 Layout modification
1.10 BUGS
1.12 WWW
1.13 NOTES

awesome - awesome window manager
awesome [-v | --version] [-h | --help] [-c | --config FILE] [-k | --check]
awesome is a window manager for X. It manages windows in different layouts, like floating or tiled. Any layout can be applied dynamically, optimizing the environment for the application in use and the task currently being performed. In a tiled layout, windows are managed in a master and stacking area. The master area contains the windows which currently need the most attention, whereas the stacking area contains all other windows. In a floating layout windows can be resized and moved freely. Dialog windows are always managed as floating, regardless of the layout currently applied. The spiral and dwindle layouts are special cases of the tiled layout where the stacking area is arranged in a spiral for the former or as a rectangular fractal for the later. Windows are grouped by tags in awesome. Each window can be tagged with one or more tags. Selecting certain tags displays all windows with these tags. awesome can contain small wiboxes which can display anything you want: all available tags, the current layout, the title of the visible windows, text, etc.
-v, --version

Print version information to standard output, then exit.

-h, --help

Print help information, then exit.

-c, --config FILE

Use an alternate configuration file instead of $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/rc.lua.

-k, --check

Check configuration file syntax.

Button1 on tag name

View tag.

Button4, Button5 on tag name

Switch to previous or next tag.

Button4, Button5 on root window

Switch to previous or next tag.

Button1, Button3, Button4, Button5 on layout symbol

Switch to previous or next layout.

Layout modification
Mod4 + Button1 on tag name

Tag current client with this tag only.

Mod4 + Button3 on tag name

Toggle this tag for client.

Button3 on tag name

Add this tag to current view.

Mod4 + Button1 on client window

Move window.

Mod4 + Button3 on client window

Resize window.

Window manager control
Mod4 + Control + r

Restart awesome.

Mod4 + Shift + q

Quit awesome.

Mod4 + r

Run prompt.

Mod4 + x

Run Lua code prompt.

Mod4 + Return

Spawn terminal emulator.

Mod4 + w

Open main menu.

Mod4 + Shift + r

Redraw the focused window.

Mod4 + m

Maximize client.

Mod4 + n

Minimize client.

Mod4 + f

Set client fullscreen.

Mod4 + Shift + c

Kill focused client.

Mod4 + t

Mark a client.

Mod4 + j

Focus next client.

Mod4 + k

Focus previous client.

Mod4 + u

Focus first urgent client.

Mod4 + Left

View previous tag.

Mod4 + Right

View next tag.

Mod4 + 1-9

Switch to tag 1-9.

Mod4 + Control + j

Focus next screen.

Mod4 + Control + k

Focus previous screen.

Mod4 + Escape

Focus previously selected tag set.

Layout modification
Mod4 + Shift + j

Switch client with next client.

Mod4 + Shift + k

Switch client with previous client.

Mod4 + o

Send client to next screen.

Mod4 + h

Decrease master width factor by 5%.

Mod4 + l

Increase master width factor by 5%.

Mod4 + Shift + h

Increase number of master windows by 1.

Mod4 + Shift + l

Decrease number of master windows by 1.

Mod4 + Control + h

Increase number of columns for non-master windows by 1.

Mod4 + Control + l

Decrease number of columns for non-master windows by 1.

Mod4 + space

Switch to next layout.

Mod4 + Shift + space

Switch to previous layout.

Mod4 + Control + space

Toggle client floating status.

Mod4 + Control + Return

Swap focused client with master.

Mod4 + Control + 1-9

Toggle tag view.

Mod4 + Shift + 1-9

Tag client with tag.

Mod4 + Shift + Control + 1-9

Toggle tag on client.

Mod4 + Shift + F1-9

Tag marked clients with tag.

awesome is customized by creating a custom $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/rc.lua file.
awesome can be restarted by sending it a SIGHUP.
awesomerc(5) awesome-client(1)
Of course there's no bug in awesome. But there may be unexpected behaviors.
Julien Danjou <[1]> and others.

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About Smart Boot Manager

About Smart Boot Manager Copyright (c) 2000 by James Su (, Lonius ( and Christopher Li (

Smart Boot Manager (SBM) is an OS independent and full-featured boot manager with an easy-to-use user interface. ..

BootManager - - Linux Wiki und Freie Software

Linux Links - The Linux Portal: Software/System/Boot
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How to fix “X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.”?

Posted on September 26, 2010 by Black God

This is just a simple tips to solve a error message when you start your X session with “startx” command as normal user. The error message may be like this:

blackgod@debian:~$ startx

xauth:  creating new authority file /home/blackgod/.Xauthority

In linux, by default root user is allowed to run X server in most cases. So you don’t face this issue while running “startx” as root user.

Basically the Xorg X server needs to be configured to to authorize this user. Where should we configure this?

/etc/X11/Xwrapper.config – This file has as setting called “allowed_users”. It can accept three values:

1. root 2. anybody 3. console

The above values are self explanatory. You can edit this value to set as anybody for normal user to start X server. If normal user starts X server from console, console can also be set. It can be like this.

" allowed_users=anybody "

In Debian and its derivatives like Ubuntu, you can run the following command to do it in user friendly screen as shown below.

# dpkg-reconfigure x11-common

QNAP TS-110 NAS Debian, Linux, TS-110, X Server, x11-common, Xorg, Xwrapper.config
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Linux From Scratch - Version SVN-20161027 Chapter 7. System Configuration
* Prev General Network Configuration
* Next The Bash Shell Startup Files

7.6. System V Bootscript Usage and Configuration 7.6.1. How Do the System V Bootscripts Work?

Booting and Shutting Down

Chapter 15. init and runlevels -

6.52. Sysvinit-2.86 - Open Source Software on

Signals - The Linux Documentation Project

Other (human) Languages - Linux Documentation

The Linux Documentation Project Works

The Linux Documentation Project Links: Non-English Information

RU.LINUX Frequently Asked Questions Alexander Kanavin, Версия от 18.02.2003.

Сборник часто задаваемых вопросов (с ответами), связанных с ОС Linux. Последняя версия находится по адреcу

http://.. /~ak/linuxfaq/rulinux.faq.html

RU.LINUX Frequently Asked Questions | Система, ядро, утилиты ...

RU.LINUX Frequently Asked Questions: Русификация - OpenNet

Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

Материалы за 18.10.2003 - Страница 7 - Документация по Linux
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Dpkg error exit status 2

.. subprocess dpkg-deb --fsys-tarfile returned error exit status 2 ..

Answer 1

The package install rule of the Makefile is creating the Debian package using xz compression. Now, this kind of compression is supported by versions of dpkg equal or higher than 1.15.6. So, in order to solve your problem, you should update dpkg to a newer version. Or install gdebi, and install with that application. .. answered Jul 26 '15 at 15:14 kyodake
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'locate' command not working [SOLVED] / Newbie Corner / Arch Linux ...

.. updating .. the database. "updatedb" as root ..

Forum Rules There's no such thing as a stupid question, but there sure are a lot of inquisitive idiots !
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links2 - a cross platform console based web browser which also renders images

February 12, 2007 Posted by Ravi

[resolu] Parametrage des Locales / Installation d'Ubuntu / Forum ...

#1 Le 19/07/2012, `a 13:43 arno974

[resolu] Parametrage des Locales
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Manpage for keytouch-editor - manual pages


keytouch-editor - helps to create create keyboard files for keyTouch 2.1


keytouch-editor /dev/input/eventX output-file keytouch-editor --acpi output-file


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apt-get giving an error - Ask Ubuntu

.. subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 255 ..
.. It is seems that this is giving the problem sysv-rc : Depends: insserv (> 1.12.0-10) but it is not going to be installed How do I fix this? - RegedUser00x Nov 17 '12 at 16:19

Answer 1

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/insserv/insserv /sbin/insserv

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